Rainforest Coastal Labs

Gigi Strauss’ love for dogs made her a perfect fit for animal-assisted therapy. She was on track with two amazing certified therapy dogs and while volunteering at the hospital the Joint Commissions required frequent bathing. She noticed while bathing the dogs that some of the chemicals in the shampoos she was using not only made her skin irritated but the dogs as well. Today, Gigi uses the Hydrocept product line of dog grooming supplies which addresses issues for sensitive skin for dogs. These products are specially formulated for the daily care of your dog!

After joining the Gateway HRC and Retrievers Unlimited HRC, she now works with a group of some of the best trainers in the Midwest to help dogs in show confirmation, obedience training and field training!

Along with needing to sell her Hydrocept grooming shampoo and conditioners, Gigi also wanted a way to display each of the dogs she trains with some detail about each dog individually. We built her a fully responsive website, full of a gallery of each pup and the ability to sell her products through PayPal!

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