TJC creates engaging experiences that end-users love, faster and easier, across every Android device.

One important aspect to realize when developing natively for Android, it’s not iOS. Both operating systems offer distinct experiences and work in diverse fashions.

TJC can help a business create a UI/UX experience an Android user expects and with all the features to successfully satisfy the requests.

TJC Advantages

If your business already has a web application and looking to port it to mobile, our team can recreate it for the Android platform.

Global Market Share

Andriod arguably has the largest share of the global mobile market. And with the increased mobile usage on the rise, it only makes sense to target this platform for development.

Quick to Market

Apps developed for the Andriod platform will enjoy quicker app approval. In turn, changes to apps can be more frequent.

TJC Android App Services

When a device goes from just working to actually making life easier, Android is behind it.


We develop mobile apps with a long-term mindset. While implementing strategies with focused sustainability we build long-lasting applications. If there needs to change, we address them with well-thought-out and rigorously tested solutions.

Google Play Store Deployment

We manage the app store deployment process. We submit the listing, update the app description, assets, and more.


All of the applications we build focus on security. We understand the exploitations that can occur and we focus on encryption and security protocols to protect what matters most.


We test your application on multiple devices to verify that everything not only looks good but fulfills the utmost user experience possible.