With the network being the core infrastructure segment of most businesses, it needs to be kept in working order.

The addition of new desktop computers, tablets, and devices of the like, will most likely cause a decrease in network performance. Knowing when to upgrade network components such as switches, routers, and firewalls will help maintain high-performance speeds.

Whether a business has an existing network or needs a new network, TJC has for over 20+ years provided highly reliable network solutions.

TJC Advantages

If your business is experiencing poor quality of service, we can identify the problem and find a solution.


For a network to be safe, a firewall is a must. TJC has solutions that not only mitigate the risks of cyberattacks but meet HIPAA compliance.


TJC provides excellent knowledge of networks. Not only do we provide installation and services, but we are willing to inform the customer of the dos and don'ts. link to support.

Network Engineering

In addition to servicing your network, we can design a network system for optimal performance to meet the demands of the business.

Additional TJC Services

Additional services offered by TJC that make the job easier.

Email Services

Whether you need basic or advance email solutions, we offer cost-effect options, supporting a variety of configurations.

Secure Email Services

TJC offers secure email options for those organizations needing to be HIPAA compliant.


We are an authorized dealer of NEC phone systems, featuring voice mail, auto-attendant, VoIP, and many other features. We support sales, installation, configuration, and maintenance of NEC phone systems.

Optional HIPAA Reporting

If your organization requires HIPAA compliance, TJC offers additional supplementing services.