Custom web applications offer a business online presence.

Web applications have evolved since their invention into an essential tool for a business. TJC can create from scratch or modify an existing web application and customize it specifically to meet your business needs.

TJC Advantages

Unlock the leading technologies to grow new revenue streams with a cloud solution.


One nice feature of good web applications design is its ability to grow with the business. With a wide range of technologies to choose from an organization can adapt to meet its ongoing business demands.

Improved Workflow

Web applications developed by TJC can streamline workflow processes and improve employee productivity. Because web applications work in a web browser, all users can access and use the same version of the application helping to avoid compatibility issues.

Reduced Cost

Web applications can be easier to develop and deploy than traditional desktop applications. They also tend to require less support and maintenance from the business and lower the technical abilities required of the user.

Custom Web Application Development

Custom solutions from TJC to make your business smart.

Enterprise Applications

Our custom-built enterprise application unites departmental software into one easy-to-use application sharing data across the company.

Online Stores

E-commerce is a mainstream technology everyone uses to buy and sell goods or services using the internet. TJC can develop e-commerce web applications that bridge the gap between buyers and sellers over a safe and secure connection.

HIPAA Compliance

All companies handling health information in the United States must comply with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA guidelines. TJC developers can build custom web application solutions that comply.

Mobile App Development

These portable devices are everywhere and represent one of the most personal experiences people have with technology. TJC can redefine how you digitally connect your organization with cross-platform custom mobile application development.

Application Reengineering

Optimize your organization's application with performance gains and new abilities, bringing new energy and excitement to a software application.

Application Modernization

Maintaining legacy applications can be a burden to many businesses but are vital for their operation. Let us take a look at revitalizing your application.