A cloud application is simply a software application deployed to a cloud environment that can conveniently be accessed by a user with an internet-capable device.

The cloud has transformed how we conduct day-to-day business despite a user not understanding what it is. Cloud applications have taken on a pivotal role because of the accessibility a user has to the internet. Most cloud software solutions are managed with a server and not from a user’s device.

TJC has experience in designing and developing software applications that harness the power of the cloud; our customers have greatly benefited from the business efficiencies, cost-benefits, and competitive advantage. No surprise, new and existing customers of ours want the benefit of a cloud application strategy.

TJC Advantages

Building a software application with the cloud in mind opens up new opportunities in which information can be shared.


Software in the cloud allows organizations to improve delivery and reduce time to market. Because of this, software quality continues to get better.

Maximize Budget

The cloud can help your organization find new efficiencies and aid in the development process.


Many organizations are moving away from on-premise servers and data centers to the cloud, making it easier to quickly scale operations to meet the demand of the business.