All companies handling health information in the United States must comply with HIPAA standards.  We know designing and developing software of this nature is time-consuming and overwhelming. TJC employs practices during the build process that aid in successful adherence to the challenges imposed by HIPAA compliance while maintaining a personalized and user-friendly experience.

TJC Advantages

TJC has created and deployed into product custom applications to handle such governance. We do this by implementing good security practices.


By following HIPAA guidelines, data is both stored and encrypted using secure protocols.

Authorization & Access Control

User authentication and access to the application is an essential aspect that needs safeguarding. TJC does this utilizing secure login practices to ensure the application is only accessible by authorized parties.

Additional TJC Services

Keep your online software application safe and security.


An intrusion detection system (IDS) is usually a hardware device in front of the network that monitors incoming traffic and searches for known threats and suspicious or malicious activity.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessments evaluate security risks in software applications to reduce the probability of threats and unauthorized access to the application.


When your organization requires HIPAA compliance, recording user access and activities with the data is a must.