Applications need to employ security best practices throughout and shouldn’t be bolted on as an afterthought.

Organizations’ increased reliance on cloud infrastructure and the ongoing introduction of new software applications multiply the ways in which they are vulnerable to cyberattacks.  Identifying weaknesses and remedying vulnerabilities is a business’s first step toward securing its infrastructure and application footprint.

TJC Advantages

TJC can review your application and help you discover potential security gaps and actions to take.

Security Testing

To help reduce the threat against cyberattacks, we may conduct vulnerability testing and penetration testing to look for any security gaps in the application.

User Validation

TJC can develop custom sign-in methods for software solutions. Our security practice not only authenticates a user from the outside but also includes programmable roles and permissions.

Data Encryption

Essential user data is stored encrypted, and when it needs to be transmitted, a secure protocol is in use.