A computer that meets the minimum requirements may seem technically doable and cost-effective but is not necessarily a sound idea.

TJC knows a business tends to look at the bottom line to maximize its budget.  Our goal is to provide customers with computer solutions that deliver a cost-effective quality experience.   TJC is a Dell authorized reseller so, you know you are getting business-class machines that are reliable.

TJC Advantages

Every vendor has minimum requirements that supposedly support their product, but is it a good idea?


One advantage of working with TJC is knowing the trade-offs between meeting minimal requirements and the long-term payoffs of going with higher-grade components.


Often computers are thought of as one-time purchases to meet an immediate need. With TJC, a business will get a solution that seeks long-term sustainability, backed with decades of experience.


TJC can provide installation and servicing of computer equipment.