When a business requires visibility on the web, ranking high in search engines improves web traffic to your website, ousting competition.

Our SEO plan is tailored to focus on your business goals to drive traffic and increase ranking in the search engines leading to more clicks and on-site conversions.

We understand SEO and will use strategies we’ve learned over the years to develop your website for success.

TJC Advantages

Having a correctly implemented SEO strategy helps to improve your visibility in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Technical SEO

Optimizing the technical aspects of your website can increase the ranking of its pages in search engines. This primarily has to do with the overall structure of your site as well as the search engine's ability to access, crawl and interpret what your pages are about.

On-Page SEO

We can optimize your website content to increase the relevancy of your pages. These strategies include updating the content, meta tags, internal links, and the structure of web page URLs.

Off-Page SEO

Competitive backlink research is a crucial aspect of link building. We do our research and find relevant backlinks to increase your ranking in the SERPs.

Local SEO

Having the correct business information listed across all citations will help display the most accurate information about your business. We have tools that can monitor your citation profile as well as actively update your business data if it should change.

TJC Advantages

Understanding the different elements that affect SEO is crucial to success in search engine result pages.


Crawling is about discovering which pages exist on the web. Google is constantly searching for new pages to discover and has created robots or “web crawlers” to examine your website and find out what information is on it.

XML Sitemap

An xml sitemap is an automatically generated file containing a list of links on your website. This sitemap can then be submitted to the search engines, such as Google and Bing to help the robots discover which pages you have on your site.


A robots.txt file can be used to prevent web crawling of specific pages. If you have pages that you specifically don’t want to be indexed in the search engines you can specify them in this file.


After the web page has been discovered, Google will try to understand what the page is about. This is a process known as indexing. Google will analyze the contents of the page such as text or images.

Mobile Friendly

Today everyone has a smartphone, and the majority of users that visit your site are doing so on their phone. We make sure your site looks great on all devices-especially mobile!

Structured Data

Structured data is used to help search engines better understand what is on your pages. Different examples of structured data can display your information in search results with more rich features and help attract clicks to your website.

Content Optimization

We optimize your content to address the topics of your specific page in a way that makes sense to users as well as the search engines.

Meta Information

We utilize meta-tags to properly configure the elements on your pages including: headings, keywords, and descriptions.

Citation Management

Citations are local directories or websites that will display your business NAP (name, address, phone) information. These help users to discover your business and can also impact your local search engine rankings.