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Cross-Platform mobile applications allow you to leverage the same codebase while targeting multiple mobile operating systems.

iOS and Andriod are the two operating systems dominating the mobile market. Using cross-platform tools, our developers can curate a unified look and feel without developing multiple native apps.   We can more quickly create and launch the product at a more cost-affected approach.

TJC Advantages

If your business already has a web application and looking to port it to mobile, our team can recreate it for the Android & iOS platform.


Reusing the same code based on both iOS and Android applications not only saves time but cuts down cost and development time.


We develop mobile apps with a long-term mindset. While implementing strategies with sustainability as a focal point, we build long-lasting applications.


All of the applications we build focus on security. We understand the exploitations that can occur and we focus on encryption and security protocols to protect what matters most.


We test your application on multiple devices to verify that everything not only looks good but fulfills the utmost user experience possible.

Compatibility & Maintenance

Our in-house developers have over 20+ years of experience maintaining and complying with industry application standards.