The backup process is often an overlooked segment in an organization but is critical in protecting your assets when an emergency occurs.

TJC understands maintaining backups is time-consuming and a seemingly never-ending chore. We can advise a business in getting a solution that will win the battle. We are not limited to any specific industry.

TJC Advantages

If your business has an existing backup but is not operating to your specifications, our team can create a solution.

Quick Access

When you back up data, you want to access specific files easily and quickly, just in case an oops occurs.


Our solutions have the option to provide on-site and off-site copies furthering protection, giving you peace of mind.

Power Failures

Sometimes your computer is susceptible to damage outside your control, like storms, blackouts, or power outages. Each has the potential to damage hard drives. Having regular backups ensures the ability to pick up where you left off.