User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the website.

Although the UI is the user’s first visual impression, the user experience (UX) is concerned with the overall experience.

TJC has expertise in designing workflows that reduce friction between the consumer and the web application or website. Small changes in the design can enhance the user experience.

Benefits of UX Design

TJC takes a hands-on approach to designing UX elements. We interact with the web application or website to understand what the end-user will experience.

Enhanced Experience

UX design has always been fundamental to catering to a rich end-user experience for a business. As tools for web applications and websites advance, we can create a more personal and comfortable space, making the end-user feel right at home. Navigating through the website becomes easier by positioning key elements in just the right place.

Increased Revenue

With increased web traffic coming from mobile devices, a good UX design must cater to cross-platform compatibility. With an enhanced UX and UI design, the opportunities for new leads and increased revenue abound.

Stimulate Referrals

Building a tight connection between your application and your users creates a great side-benefit, by having your product advertised for free via word-of-mouth.